Avoiding Unfair & Deceptive Marketing Practices for Banks & Credit Unions (UDAP laws)

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In an effort to protect consumers, some Federal banking agencies are becoming interested in watching for unfair or deceptive acts or practices (UDAP) in the marketing and operation of financial products or services. Although the UDAP law was created for the general marketplace, it might prove to be applicable in the banking and finance industry particularly in the area of interest rates charged to consumers and reasonable periods to settle their balances. Financial institutions should have a solid background in UDAP laws as they may become the framework for monitoring marketing financial products to consumers in the future.

The Knowledge Congress is assembling a panel of distinguished professionals and key regulators to inform the public of ways to avoid unfair and deceptive practices employed by some financial institutions in issuing credit cards. The speakers will present their expert opinions in a two-hour LIVE Webcast

Course Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Method Of Presentation: Group-Based-Internet
Developer: The Knowledge Group, LLC
Recommended CLE/CPE Hours: 2.0
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Advance Preparation: Print and review course materials
Course Code: 083787

Featured Speakers for Avoiding Unfair & Deceptive Marketing Practices for Banks & Credit Unions (UDAP laws) live webcast:

Federal Reserve Board

Leonard Chanin
Associate Director, Division of Consumer and Community Affairs

K&L Gates LLP

Paul F. Hancock

Goodwin Procter LLP

Thomas M. Hefferon

Event Talking Points:


Leonard ChaninAssociate Director, Division of Consumer and Community AffairsFederal Reserve Board

- Background of the application of the FTC Act to banks and credit unions
   - A relatively new and continually emerging issues
- Meaning of "deception" and "unfairness"
- Federal Reserve Board's reliance on FTC Act standards in amending Reg Z
- Deceptive or misleading practices in mortgage advertising
- Are there litigation risks at all - the status of preemption of lawsuits in the courts
- Potential lawsuit liability
   - The central issue of "deception"
   - Do the courts require proof of causation
   - Are some advertising or marketing practices inherently "unfair
- Recent federal banking agency rules prohibit several practices in connection with consumer credit card plans.
- How will these rules affect banks and other depository institutions?
- Who has the authority to enforce these rules?


Thomas M. HefferonPartnerGoodwin Procter LLP

** Speaker Agenda to be added soon.. **


Paul F. HancockPartnerK&L Gates LLP

** Speaker Agenda to be added soon.. **

Who Should Attend?

Senior Management
Compliance Officers
Risk Officers
Marketing Staff
Customer Service Management
Bank Consultants
Financial Services Vendors

Why Attend?

This is a must attend event for anyone to grasp the up-to the-minute updates on Unfair & Deceptive Acts & Practices (UDAP).
- New guidance explained by the most qualified key leaders & experts
- Hear directly from key regulators & thought leaders
- Interact directly with panel during Q&A

Registration Information:

Avoiding Unfair & Deceptive Marketing Practices for Banks & Credit Unions (UDAP laws)
LIVE Webcast

Thursday, March 19, 2009
3:00pm to 5:00pm (ET)